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Tips and Strategies for Authors to Stand Out on Amazon A+ Content

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Maximize your book's visibility and engage readers on Amazon with KDP A+ Content with these tips and strategies for success.

amazon a+ content

Amazon is a powerful platform for reaching a global audience for self-publishing authors. Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) allows authors to publish and sell their books on Amazon, giving them access to a vast readership. However, with so many books available on the platform, it can be challenging for authors to stand out and attract readers to their books. This is where Amazon KDP A+ Content comes in.

This article will cover what you need to know about Amazon KDP A+ Content, its importance for self-publishing authors, and how to use it effectively to elevate and spruce up your book marketing strategy.

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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content (KDP A+ Content) is an enhanced product description feature for sellers on the platform, including self-publishing authors using Amazon KDP. It’s a powerful free tool for authors to create visually appealing and engaging product pages that showcase their books in the best possible light.

This marketing feature allows self-publishing authors to enhance their book listings with immersive, visually-rich content, offering more information and another opportunity to entice readers into buying your books.

Benefits of KDP A+ Content for Self-Publishing Authors

The benefits of using Amazon KDP A+ Content are numerous.

  • Increased Visibility: By providing potential readers with an immersive and informative experience, A+ Content can help your book stand out in search results and increase its visibility. Using relevant keywords and providing high-quality content will improve your rankings on Google, attracting more readers to your books.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: A+ Content can help improve your book’s conversion rate and sales by showcasing your work in an attractive and engaging way, with additional information highlighting your book’s unique selling proposition (USP). This can help potential readers make informed purchasing decisions and improve their overall experience with your book listing.

  • Enhanced Branding: A+ Content allows you to showcase your brand and style in a way that a plain book listing cannot. This will help you establish a distinct and memorable brand identity.

  • Competitive Advantage: A+ Content helps authors stand out by creating visually exciting and dynamic product pages. Since not all authors take advantage of A+ Content, using it can give you a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

Visual marketing will always work in your favor as people remember information presented visually more than with text only.

With the continued use of Amazon A+ content, you’ll unlock numerous benefits beyond what we can outline here. You have the potential to exponentially expand your author brand and boost your book marketing efforts, which ultimately translates to an increase in your book sales.

Eligibility Requirements for Using KDP A+ Content

To be eligible for Amazon KDP A+ Content, authors must have a book listed on Amazon and enrolled in KDP Select or KDP Print. You must also own the rights to the content and have a valid ISBN or ASIN.

Adhering to Amazon’s A+ Content guidelines and terms is crucial for your continued use of the feature. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of submissions for your A+ page and suspension of service.

Approval of submissions usually takes a few hours to seven days.


How Does Amazon KDP A+ Content Work?

Amazon KDP A+ Content allows you to create enhanced product descriptions for your books using a variety of content modules. These are the building blocks of your A+ Content where you’ll showcase your book’s unique features, benefits, and story in a visually-compelling way.

Incorporating visual aids into your marketing materials can be a powerful tactic in guaranteeing that your intended audience absorbs your message.

Content Modules and Layouts in KDP A+ Content

Several different types of modules are available for use in KDP A+ Content—text, images, and videos (for premium accounts), with the ability to combine mediums to suit your needs. You can use up to five modules per book listing page as a free user.

Let’s take a look at three of the available seventeen layouts and how they can work to promote your standalone books and series.

1 | Standard Image and Overlay Blocks or Single Image Highlight

Full-width image blocks work well as a banner showcasing either the overall title of your series or all the books of a particular series. Standout quotes from the book, a catchy blurb, or a review from an established publication or public figure (Amazon frowns on personal reviews) would work well here.

These sections feature an overlay or footer-type option for text, but if you leave that section empty, you’ll have a single image highlight.

Amazon A+ Content
Standard Image and Overlay Blocks or Single Image Highlight

2 | Standard Single Image and Text Block

Showcase your standalone book, series summaries, or author bio with the single-image text box section. Keep texts short, punchy, and relevant without being salesy when using texts in these sections. Highlight the unique selling points of the book—tropes, quotes, elevator pitches, etc. Avoid repeating information.

KDP A+ Content
Standard Single Image and Text Block

3| Standard Multi-Image and Text Blocks or Multi-Image Highlight

Use multi-image highlights to showcase books in a series and the recommended reading order. Readers can immediately see the investment they will make once they purchase the first book. You can use these sections like the three-image and four-image with or without text.

Amazon A+ Content for Authors
Standard Multi-Image and Text Blocks or Multi-Image Highlight

Each of these content modules has its unique features and benefits. Mix and match for the desired effect to create customized book listings that showcase your work in a fun and exciting way with captivating visuals.

Here’s a look at an example mockup design we created:

Amazon A+ Content

Examples of KDP A+ Content for Authors

So, what does good A+ Content look like? Here are a few examples of A+ Content in the wild:

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

Valkyrie Bestiary Series - Kim McDougall

You can view the examples Amazon provides here.

By studying examples of other authors, you can learn how to use KDP A+ Content to your advantage and stand out from the competition on Amazon.

In the next section, we’ll dive into some tips and strategies for creating high-quality A+ Content that resonates with your target readership.

visual marketing for authors

Tips and Strategies for Authors to Use KDP A+ Content Effectively

Now that we’ve covered what Amazon KDP A+ Content is and how it works, here’s how to use A+ Content effectively.

Know Your Target Readership Audience

Before creating A+ Content, it’s essential to understand who your target readership audience is. What are their interests and reading habits? What motivates them to buy a book? What are they looking for in books from a particular genre?

By understanding your audience, you can create A+ Content that resonates with them, increasing the chances of conversion through your copy and visuals.

Research Competitors in Your Genre

Research the competition and see what kind of A+ Content they use (if any). What are they doing well? What can you do differently? Or better?

Look for patterns and common themes, and use this information to create content that sets you apart from the competition.

Use High-Quality Custom Graphics

One of the benefits of KDP A+ Content is the ability to use images and graphics to showcase your book. Maximize this advantage with high-quality custom graphics. The best way to achieve this is by investing in top-notch imagery specifically designed for your book and the readers you want to appeal to with your visuals.

Think about the theme and vibe of the story and how best you can convey this in your designs.

Use Descriptive and Engaging Copy

Snappy catchphrases, taglines, and snippets are essential when creating your graphics. They convert the essence of your story in the least amount of words for the greatest impact.

If you understand what your readership wants and deliver it in your book, this will answer the question of what text to include in your images. Spotlight your winning points and use the right language and tone that clicks with your target audience and encourages them to buy the book.

Make your book descriptions compelling, concise, and informative. Use emotional language that evokes a specific feeling or mood. For example, if your book is a thriller, use language that creates a sense of tension or excitement.

Optimize A+ Content for Search Engines by Using Relevant Keywords

Use relevant keywords that accurately describe your book’s genre, plot, themes, and other features to boost your visibility. Amazon doesn’t index your copy, but Google does.

Include keywords strategically throughout your A+ Content, in the headlines, copy, and image captions.

Follow Amazon’s KDP A+ Content Guidelines

Amazon has specific guidelines and terms of service that authors must follow when creating A+ Content. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in content being rejected or removed from the product page.

Ensure you carefully read and follow Amazon’s guidelines to guarantee your A+ Content meets their standards.

Continuously Test and Iterate KDP A+ Content

A+ Content is not a one-time task but a continuous process of testing and iterating. Use Amazon’s analytics tools to measure the success of your listing and make data-driven decisions about what to test and optimize next.

Testing and improving your A+ Content can significantly improve conversion rates and sales as your marketing campaign remains effective and relevant.


Final Thoughts

The Future of KDP A+ Content for Authors

As Amazon grows, A+ Content will likely become critical to successful self-publishing. The platform’s growing user base and increasing competition mean authors must find ways to stand out and grab readers’ attention. Writing a standout book is, of course, the priority, but conveying your book’s winning elements is the next step in garnering readers and locking down sales.

The KDP A+ Content feature is free and is another way to connect with your readers. Take advantage of it as part of your book marketing strategy as a fun and compelling way to engage your potential readership.

A+ Content Alternatives for “Go-Wide” Authors

The techniques used in A+ Content, such as high-quality custom graphics, descriptive copy, and compelling book descriptions, can be used across all platforms to improve product pages’ effectiveness.

If you’re a “go-wide” author on Instagram, use your feed to create puzzle-piece images that, when lined up, mimic the module setup on KDP A+ content. If you have a Pinterest account, line up your ‘mock modules’ on a single pin image.

Creativity is the heart of competitive marketing. Think outside the box and apply cross-platform strategies utilizing imagery and emotional language that connect with your ideal audience.


Take Advantage of A+ Content

Amazon KDP A+ Content is a powerful tool for self-publishing authors to increase visibility, conversion rates, and sales. Designing high-quality content that resonates with your target readership and meets Amazon’s guidelines can create a compelling visual and textual experience that increases your book’s appeal.

So if you’re a self-publishing author looking to sell more books on Amazon, don’t hesitate to implement KDP A+ Content into your marketing strategy. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you’re well on your way to setting yourself and your author platform apart from the competition.

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