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author branding service

Ron C. Nieto

Fantasy Author

Project Type: Brand Kit deluxe for a comprehensive suite of branding elements.


  • branding

  • business card

  • website + email elements

  • social media elements

Client Brand + Creative Summary

  • Update to brand identity as the current one no longer serves to convey the author’s genre

  • Desire for a gritty, hopeful, and realistic brand identity, admiring clean, professional branding with consistency

  • Preference for bold and classic fonts, specifically Gilda Display and Trajan Pro, and their color preference leans towards gold and charcoal grey

  • Client admires the branding of authors Mark Lawrence, Brandon Sanderson, and Brent Weeks

author branding service
author branding service
author branding service
author branding service
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author branding service

Ron C. Nieto | Fantasy Author

"Now, it’s not just that Cam knew exactly who I was, who I wanted to be, and how best to represent all that: oh no, the professional way she addressed the project brought out what I didn’t even know I wanted, to the point I feel the branding not only helps readers recognize me—it also helped me find myself, and that’s just priceless."

Project Outcome

Accurate Results

Project accurately represented the client and helped them find themselves

Fuel For Inspiration

Inspired and enthusiastic about brand promotion, creating content, and audience engagement

Exceeded Expectations

Delivered professional project management exceeded expectations

author branding service

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